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Who We Are





Who We Are

  Salisbury Rowan Runners (SRR) is a non-profit running club in Salisbury, North Carolina organized solely for the benefit of area runners and walkers.

Purpose: To promote running and/or walking as a means of achieving physical and mental fitness; to provide support, encouragement and fellowship through individual, family and community involvement in running related events; to inform the public of the benefits of running/walking and to participate in community service activities.

General Information: Salisbury Rowan Runners invites anyone with an interest in running/walking to become a member, whether serious competitor, casual jogger, stroller, race official, volunteer or spectator. Salisbury Rowan Runners offers a place for every pace.

Salisbury, NC is a lovely historic city located 42 miles north of Charlotte, 39 miles southeast of Winston Salem and 49 miles south of Greensboro. There are at least five running clubs in this 50-mile radius representing over 1500 members.

Running has been an important part of the Salisbury - Rowan County community since the late 1970ís. The first race ever held in the Salisbury-Rowan County area was held on June 10, 1978 (Run For Your Heart 10K). Since that time, there have been too many races to count. One race, Salisbury Winter Flight, was originated in 1984 by Salisbury Rowan Runners, and to date, remains a successful annual event.

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